Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A model to follow

I don't know how Obama did it, but in a month he has been able to finally get good cooperation between local police and Homeland Security.

Hooray! Finally, some real change.

Local police needed federal support and within hours they were investigating the complaint and taking action.

Here's what happened. A guy gets pulled over in Oklahoma City on the way to work. Before dinner the feds had interviewed him and searched his home.

His crime? He put a hand-made sign on the back of his truck that read: "Abort Obama, not the unborn."

And by afternoon the Secret Service was face-to-face with this suspect. Obama was not in town at the time.

The police have admitted that they overreacted and gave him the sign back. But the Secret Service still jumped on the case.

I think this model of response from Homeland Security bodes well for immigration enforcement. Just imagine what will happen the next time a local police department tells ICE they have an illegal alien in custody. Following the Oklahoma City example they will be there within a few hours to pick him up and do a complete investigation.

Thank you, Mr. President for a responsive executive branch.

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