Tuesday, February 17, 2009

D-day Part 4 - FREE TV

Now, as for the administration of the program. It seems silly that the government is buying these boxes for everyone. It seems even sillier amid trillion dollar bailouts that the program “ran out of money” for the subsidies. People waited a month for the rebate cards because there wasn’t enough money for everybody. They had to wait for older cards to expire before they could issue new ones. In the end Obama extended the implementation deadline another four months to make sure someone’s “rights” weren’t violated here.

In the circle of life it is the cable companies who feel threatened these days. And Dish. It seems that more people are simply watching tv over the Internet.

So we get three or four mailers a week from AT & T and Comcast, hoping to steer customers to their companies after analog “free” tv goes dead. It’s a tough sell. Grandma doesn’t want 300 channels and a monthly bill just so she can watch the local news.

And the tech savvy have already moved on.

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