Saturday, December 8, 2007

Memo to Public Officials Nationwide

Note: This is the official response that SHOULD be given by any governmental body in the United States in response to this directive from Mexico.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is upset by the “swaggering, macho and anti-Mexican” attitude of some politicians in the United States and has directed Mexico’s Embassies and Consulates to raise the voice of protest and enter the debate on behalf of his people.

“The key is to neutralize this strategy of confrontation and discrimination that forms part of U.S. society's mistaken perception, and be able to newly focus arguments on the complimentary aspects of our economies.”

So, when the Mexican Consul goes around your town complaining of discrimination against Mexicans, please quote these facts:
1) 31% of all LEGAL immigration comes from one country – Mexico. Even in the great migration of a century ago, no TWO countries combined made up 30% of the immigrants.
2) 56% of the ILLEGAL aliens in the United States come from one country – Mexico.
3) 71% of Mexican immigrants speak little or no English. –Assimilation problem #1
4) Only 19.8% of Mexicans have chosen to become naturalized citizens. – Assimilation problem #2
5) 57% of Mexican immigrants do not have health insurance.
6) 50.9% of Mexican immigrants use some form of welfare services, paid for by U S taxpayers.
7) Remittances back to Mexico totaled $24.3 BILLION flowing out of our economy last year.
8) The United States purchases 1.3 MILLION barrels of oil EACH DAY from Mexico at $98 a pop.

Tell the ambassador that we gave at the office. And tell him to inform El Presidente that more and more Americans are getting wise to his welfare plan of sending his unemployment, education, health care, and crime problems to the United States for us to handle.

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