Saturday, December 22, 2007

Grow up, Washington

To: Pelosi, Reid, and Bush
(I’ve long ago dropped the “Honorable” titles from the names of our elected officials.)
Here’s why your approval ratings are in the tank:
1) The Internet and 24-hour news have provided a brutal glimpse behind the curtain.
2) We are sick and tired of congressional hearings on dog fighting, lead in Chinese toys, and steroids. Everyone but you can see that they are nothing more than campaign sound bite factories. We need you to legislate and execute.
3) Your repeat performance of a border fence without funding is pathetic.
4) Clay pigeons and Rule 14 are cheap shots that will not fool the public, even if you can get your cronies to go along.
5) The big “Grow up”: Keep the Senate open – Don’t adjourn – Don’t allow Bush to do any recess appointments. Do you know how juvenile that is? Do you understand what a mockery of government it is? I blame the White House and the Congress here. You are supposed to be able to resolve our problems like rational adults. Your tantrums result in more court backlogs and simply prove that you (both parties) have turned the judiciary into a political tool.
6) You are all guilty of choking on gnats and swallowing camels. Case in point: ICE Chief Julie Meyers. You spent your time talking about a Halloween Costume Party. How seriously did you look at her performance at Immigration? For my money all DOJ lawyers ought to be BANNED from any appointed positions. We need people of action, not attorneys who only want to tell you why something can’t be done.
I don’t know what will become of this once great nation, but only you can reverse this trend of infighting. We get a blow-by-blow account on a daily basis and America is sick of it. Lay down your fiddles and put out the fire.

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