Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Unfamiliar Term

A million people in the Boston area were locked in their homes on Friday under orders from the "authorities."
These Federal/State/Local law enforcement people were looking for a 19-year-old boy who blew up the finish line at the Boston Marathon.

On Thursday night police had a gun battle with the boy and his brother.  And pipe bombs were thrown at police as these young terrorists tried to escape.  The older boy, age 26, died Thursday night.  (If we are to believe these incomplete accounts, he died when he was run over by his brother.)

So, the "authorities" shut down the buses and trains, closed the schools, and strongly suggesting that businesses close for the day.

And their plan worked.  Boston was a ghost town Friday.

The instruction to the public was to "Shelter in Place."    The term had been used in the past for things liked chemical spills and leaks.  If there were an ammonia cloud in the neighborhood, people would turn off the furnace fan, gather in a small room in the house, and close off the gap at the bottom of the door.

But the terrorist application is to stay in your home with the doors locked and do not open for anyone but a uniformed police officer.

"Shelter in Place," belongs in the Newspeak dictionary.  It's a fancy term for "cower in fear" or "hunker down."  My what they won't do to protect their precious narrative.

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