Tuesday, November 13, 2012

After the election

It’s always interesting to note the things that happen after the election.  This year is no exception.
1)     The head of the CIA resigns over an adulterous relationship.  The administration knew about it since July.
2)     Syria and Israel escalate their hostile intentions.  (Could it be a Romney win would have changed this outcome?)
3)     The stock market immediately falls back to its level before the summer run-up.
4)     The Elmo puppeteer admits to a homosexual relationship with a young man half his age.  In typical “he said-he said” fashion, they are debating the boy’s age (under 18 or over).
5)     An energy breakthrough is announced.  The United States will be the world’s #1 oil producer within a decade, thanks to fracking and shale.
6)     Obama returns to his hard line position on taxes while claiming to fix the fiscal cliff.
7)     Jesse Jackson Jr faces pressure to resign, proving it really is about politics, not the will of the people.
8)     The media is now looking into the Benghazi scandal, now revealing that the compound may have been home to a secret prison and the attack was a jailbreak.

Just think what Obama can do without having to worry about winning another term.

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