Sunday, August 19, 2012

The TSA is consistent... inept!

Another trip, another horror story with TSA.

At O'Hare on August 10th:  I went through the body x-rated machine.  They instructed me to empty my pockets.  I went in the box and assumed the position.  They decided to pat down my left leg.  And he checked me from crotch to ankle.  Then they let me go.

After I left the screening area I discovered a plastic my RIGHT, front pocket.  So...does that mean these experts don't know their left from their right?

Eight days later, the Salt Lake airport.  Big signs in line inform you that you can choose the x-rated machine or the traditional magnetometer.  So I line up next to the mag machine.  Guess what?  They sent me to the box.  I told him I had a choice and he flatly told me if I didn't get in the box they would do a pat down.  Those were my two choices.

Several people before me went through the mag arch.  The machine was turned on and staffed.  But I didn't have that option.

I really dislike the TSA.  They employ knee-jerk tactics and punish the innocent while the terrorists are making other plans.

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