Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Telling it like it ISN'T

I see that a Latino PAC has launched a guilt-by-association campaign against Romney.  The gist of it is that Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Governor Jan Brewer and Candidate Romney are all picking on those poor illegal aliens.

They aren’t really clear about the PAC’s position.
Is it open borders?
How about, “No human being is illegal”?
Are they suggesting amnesty for all?
One of my favorites is the extension of anchor baby citizenship to their older siblings who are here illegally.  It goes like this.
Step 1: Allow our school system to teach you English and provide you with three to 13 years of free public education.
Step 2: Allow us to give you in-state tuition at our colleges and universities.
Step 3: At the end we will give you citizenship
Wow!  What a dream plan that is.  What’s in it for me?  I guess I get to subsidize the tuition with my tax money.

I’m not hearing any gratitude for what we have already given to Latinos.  For example, do they ever acknowledge the favoritism shown to Mexico?
That one little country of 107 million gets more green cards than any other.
Approximately 15% of Mexican nationals live HERE, not THERE.
We have unified more of their family members based solely on blood line than any other.
We allow about $2 billion a month to flow out of our country tax-free in remittances.
We buy over 12% of our oil from Mexico.
We educate their children in English for free.
We allow them access to food stamps, subsidized housing and health care as though they were native-born.
We provide law enforcement support in the form of cash, training and equipment.
Our politicians cover for Mexicans who are here illegally, choosing to look the other way and grant them individual amnesty rather than send them home.

Do we ever hear any of them say , “Thank you”?

All I’m hearing is demands for more.

Brewer and Arpaio are simply saying “No” and demanding the enforcement of existing immigration laws.  Yet they are being painted as the evil ones for taking a stand.  Russell Pierce was thrown under the bus by his church and the PR machine.  Too bad. 

If Arizona falls, it’ll be another California.

I’ve said it before.  Mitt Romney needs to say, “I refuse to divide America in terms of color.  Immigration laws exist for a reason.  Obey the law or change it.  As President I am bound to uphold it.”

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