Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deseret News Snooze

The Deseret News, owned and controlled by the LDS Church, takes a pro-amnesty position regarding illegal aliens.

As I blogged a couple of weeks ago, their story indexing tends to equate the topic of "Immigration" with all sorts of other things.

Here are the "Most recent headlines" they chose to post in the Immigration section of their on-line edition.

Four of the stories are really about terrorism, though they would be the first to tell you that illegal aliens are not terrorists.

One is about labor, but Obama's Labor Department is on a campaign to secure the rights of illegal aliens in the workplace.  That one fails the immigration test as well.  Had Biden mentioned it in his speech, and had that comment been reported in the story, perhaps.  But he didn't and they didn't.

The murder trial of the gay student is odd.  Neither the victim nor the suspect are immigrants.  I just have to scratch my head for any remote connection.

The Libyan rebel's past is another non sequitur

At one time I thought perhaps the Deseret News was trying to cast immigration enforcement advocates in a bad light by lumping them with evil-doers.  At this point, I simply believe they've lost it.

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