Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Palin's hand

The media is going crazy over Sarah Palin. Not what she said to the Tea Party supporters in Nashville last week, but the fact that she scribbled some notes on the palm of her hand.

It's all over the Internet. Even ABC 7 local news in Chicago covered it. One fine example of the MSM did a good cop-bad cop routine. The reporter in the field did the ridiculing while the anchorwoman put on this "it isn't important" air for balance.

Palin spoke for 45 minutes and did another 10 in Q&A. She's not eloquent. But she does understand that Washington is clueless about how we feel. She is the mouth of the unwashed masses.

The East Coast media covered the convention. I can imagine using the restroom in the Nashville airport, with the signs by the door reminding people that it is state law to wash your hands.

No doubt they brought their Swiss bottled water with them. And the roast beef wasn't lean enough.

So, in this sour mood they cover the filthly, redneck, teabaggers. Even the counter-protest was a disappointment. Only four people showed up to protest.

So, Sarah's hand became ground zero. And they got plenty of mileage out of it.

Doesn't it seem funny that they would cover that, and not plaster the airwaves with Obama saying "Corpse-man" instead of Corpsman just a few days before?

As for Tea Party spokesmen, I found Andrew Breitbart to be very good.