Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who shot Hasan?

"First reports from the field are almost always incorrect."
We’ve heard that from the military brass on CNN any time there was a TV war going on. It applied to Desert Shield, Desert Storm, the Iraqi War, WMD, Afghanistan…

And so it was when Hasan opened fire on the unarmed at Fort Hood.

A sample of factual errors: There weren’t two gunmen, Hasan wasn’t dead, and Sgt. Kim “Mighty Mouse” Munley didn’t bring down the shooter.

But it made such great copy. What a story. This petite policewoman brought down the crazed killer. But it's not true.

For what it’s worth, the officer who actually DID bring down Hasan was black. Feel better?

Even the hero stories surrounding the attack are oozing with identity politics and political correctness.

It’s ironic that the cause and the resolution intertwine.

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  1. Nice - I wish there was a 'like' button like there is on Facebook :) Too bad, though - you're right - she made an awesome story! Either way, I'm glad the got him down before he did even MORE damage!