Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is the new liberal punchline.

Please be aware that anyone with strong conservative views on taxes, cash for clunkers, health care, immigration, affirmative action, Supreme court appointments, government corruption, Sarah Palin, abortion, stimulus...will automatically be tagged as a Glenn Beck supporter.

And chances are they will throw in a comment about gun totting and/or tinfoil hats.

The left continues to marginalize those who disagree with their agenda by simply calling them names.

It used to be Rush Limbaugh. Now it is Glenn Beck. And it really doesn't matter if you watch Beck or even know who he is. In the eyes of the progressives, you must be a Glenn Beck minion.

Here's a sample comment on a story about a Tea Party meeting (rant night) held in Elgin. ru486 wrote: "Our town has been taken over by a pack of crazy, idiotic fascists who have been brainwashed by Glenn Beck."

See how easy that is? You don't have to refute the logic of those who spoke at the meeting or even put forth your own proposal. No sir. Just call them names and say those two magic words: "Glenn Beck." And the group is officially marginalized.

Based on the way those town hall meetings are going, Beck must be a very powerful man indeed.

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