Friday, September 19, 2008

No Entiendo

I don’t understand it. There was a piece in the newspaper today about the lack of Spanish-speaking election judges in Kane County.

You see, whenever a precinct has 100 Spanish-speaking voters (I’m not sure how they know that) then the county is required to have an election judge who can communicate with them.

Who requires it, you might ask? The United States Department of Justice under authority of the Help America Vote Act passed by Congress. Don’t waste your breath with this logic that a citizen has to pass an English test. I’ve tried it; that doesn’t matter.

They don’t explain how anyone can be an INFORMED VOTER if they don’t know English. How do they follow the debates and proposals?

Here’s a sample of the nuances of this campaign:
Lipstick on a pig.
Trickle down economics.
Date certain for withdrawal.

What I’m saying is…if they require someone to explain how the ballot works in Spanish, who is going to explain the issues and the candidates? The answer is: No one. So they vote according to the endorsement of the Spanish-language media.

Here’s what I don’t understand:
From the 2006 U S Census ACS data on Kane County...
Total population: 493,735
Hispanic/Latino: 137,344
Foreign-born: 89,691
Naturalized citizens: 26,419
Non-citizens: 63,272
Speak Spanish at home: 104,018
English “Less than well”: 66,901

Number of Spanish-speaking election judges: 55
Number still needed: 45

I’ll tell you, those Hispanics are sure engaged in this process. But I’m sure there are all sorts of activists out there who will apologize for them.

And the reason those activists aren’t signing up to be judges? Because they are already busy on Election Day as POLL WATCHERS. They will be out in force looking for some slight that will throw an election or get another asinine ruling in their favor.

They hate America and want to tie up more resources for their cause.

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