Friday, August 29, 2008

If the election were held today...

…I’d vote for Obama.

Why? Because of what he said when he made the surprise appearance at the convention on Wednesday night. I am told it was an unscripted statement, which means someone else didn’t write it for him.

(By the way, why don’t we elect those great speechwriters instead of the guys who are good at reading from a TelePrompTer?)

I’m assuming Barack was speaking from the heart on August 27th when he said: “I am so proud to have Joe Biden with me on this journey to take America back.”

That’s exactly what we need. FINALLY!…a candidate who understands it.

Take back America by eliminating citizenship at birth to children of illegal alien parents.
Take back America by sealing the border.
Take back America by getting a handle on expired visas.
Take back America by stepping up the deportation of criminal illegal aliens.
Take back America by putting employers of illegals in jail.
Take back America by requiring positive identification of job applicants.
Take back America by prosecuting those who harbor illegal aliens.
Take back America by prosecuting those who aid and abet them, instead of our current practice of giving them government grants.
Take back America by throwing the Mexican government out of our cities and towns.
Take back America by exposing globalization for what it really is; an effort by socialists to redistribute world wealth. (Ditto for global warming.)
Take back America by lowering the immigration levels to around 250,000 per year.
Take back America by ending chain migration.

So, I’ve got a call in to the Obama campaign just to make sure I understood him correctly.

Scratch that. False alarm. I misunderstood. In the background campaign workers were practicing the chant, “Yes we can!”, a phrase first used by Cesar Chavez in the 1972 United Farm Workers campaign.

Naw, he doesn't want to send the illegal aliens packing. He wants to embrace them and care for them and increase their wages and benefits. Heck, he wants to make sure the Social Security they paid under fraudulent circumstances gets credited to them.

How is that supposed to take back America?

If Obama plans to take back America I sure hope he has the receipt. I’m thinking this America was a gift he didn’t pay for. And there’s the rub in Barack’s utopia; how do you pay for it all.

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