Sunday, June 15, 2008


We have wide circulation regarding the death of Ginger, a Boston Terrier that was sucked up by a street sweeper in the Bronx. Listen to the emotion from the AP report: “A street-sweeping truck roaring down a Bronx street sucked up a dog and killed her as her owner held the leash.”

This tragedy was reported in print and TV throughout the United States, including these news outlets: CNN-New York Daily News-Chicago Examiner-Reno Gazette/Journal-WNBC Channel 4-Miami Herald-MSNBC-WABC Channel 7-Star News Wilmington NC-Bakersfield Californian-New York Post-Washington Times

As with the sucked up duckling story from a couple of weeks ago, I offer this comparative data on the state of New York. In the year 2005 there were 245,402 live births and 117,944 induced abortions.

The abortion rate is 38.2 for every 1000 women of child-bearing age, nearly twice the national average of 19.4/1,000.

I must have missed the AP story about the tragedy of abortions. We have reverence for life in this country all right; it just appears to be selective in nature.

Now, about street sweepers.

Elgin is the Home of the Street Sweeper

Spec sheet on the mainstay Pelican model:

Oops! Not too many of my readers need the Spanish version. Try this:

They cost about $145K each, nicely equipped.
See this government purchase for details:

Since the City of Elgin has a special deal because the sweepers are made locally, they pay only $160K. (Government math strikes again!)

The BIG pdf file (94 pages) at the other end of this link tells the story on pages 87 to 94:

Some funny curb your dog signs:

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