Tuesday, November 13, 2007

En ingles, pues.

Rough translation: In English, OK?
It could be my imagination but I’m hearing a little less “Press one for English” these days. Maybe the advertisers are sensing a little backlash.

For example, in Arlington Heights Illinois they have a party every year at the community center called “Hispanic Festival”. This year they are calling it “Fiesta Cultural”. More palatable for the Anglos? Perhaps.

Then there is the Spanish-language newspaper Reflejos. Last year the billboards were in English and Spanish; now they are in English only. And the bus banners are also in English; no Spanish at all except the name.

Then there's the government. They are still pushing Spanish down our throats.

Here in Kane County Illinois they are looking to hire 50 interpreters for election day in February, all part of a court order. (Thanks, US Dept. of Justice.)

Who started it? The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund who filed suit saying that the ballots in Spanish were not enough. What if someone shows up at the wrong polling place? Who will explain to them where they need to go?

How much? They need at least 50 people who will be paid $125 for their services.

Now, citizenship requires a basic understanding of English, right? So if these folks can’t find the right polling place on their own how are they possibly going to be informed voters?

Gee, you’d think non-citizens were voting.

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  1. I'm finding a lot of "Press 1 for English" when I have to call CS for things like Comcast (ripoff!!), Capital One, etc...