Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mexico's mad at us

Our failure to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” has made Mexico mad at us. This is bad.

For example, Jorge Bustamente, a UN human rights rep, says: "It means the continuation and probably a worsening of the migrants' vulnerable conditions." (How come we get blamed when they sneak across the border?)

The editor of El Universal newspaper complained that migrants "will continue to be subjected to extraordinary means of discrimination." (Again, are we dragging them across the border?)

La Jornada’s editor warned: "The most powerful country on the planet will have to continue living, for many more months, with the scandalous contradiction between its laws and the real needs of its economy.” (Oh, the compromises we make so we can have cheap spinach.)

And Mexican President Felipe Calderon tells us that the failure in the Senate "worsens illegal migration." (And it doesn’t help him unload his social burdens permanently.)

And Calderon is just as indignant about the fence as Vicente Fox was.

The sad part is that some politicians in America actually listen to these jerks and worry about how they feel about us. Perhaps the thought never enters their heads that we are being taken for a ride here.

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